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Theft Crimes Attorneys in Fort Worth

Well Established with Local Judges & the Community

When charged with theft or burglary, you need compassionate representation. You deserve an attorney that will go the extra mile for you. At Cole Paschall Law, we offer personalized attention and 24/7 availability.

With our lawyers on your side, you may be able to gain a case dismissal, a reduced charge, deferred adjudication, or a “not guilty” verdict. Don’t just plead guilty when accused; fight with the help of an experienced team. After years providing representation in Fort Worth, we understand what it takes to strive for better outcomes. We are also familiar with the community, the courts, and the judges.

Reach out to us at (817) 934-6644 and fight your charges.

Common Theft Charges

One of the most common forms of theft is check theft. This occurs when the defendant writes a check for goods or services that bounces. Sometimes, a business owner will press charges, claiming that the defendant intended to steal. This is not always the case. Often, the defendant was unaware of a problem with his or her bank account and will simply pay the debt.

Another typical charge is theft of services. This occurs when a defendant fails to pay a business for services offered. Sometimes, the accused forgot to request payment. Other times, they never reminded the defendant of the bill. Again, these charges may be resolved without court intervention, with the help of a lawyer. Our Fort Worth theft crime attorneys can help you find a solution.

Value Matters in Theft Cases

The value of the goods stolen directly influence any sentences that may be issued for a conviction.

The guidelines for determining felony or misdemeanor charges in Texas include:

  • First degree felony: Value of $200,000 or more
  • Second degree felony: Value between $100,000 and $200,000
  • Third degree felony: Value between $20,000 and $100,000
  • State jail felony: Value between $1,500 and $100,000
  • Class A misdemeanor: Value between $500 and $1,500
  • Class B misdemeanor: Value between $50 and $500
  • Class C misdemeanor: Value under $50

What Is the Difference Between Theft & Burglary?

Burglary is legally defined as unlawful entry into a building or structure to commit a felony or larceny. Burglary includes going into a home, business, or separate structure on a property. The owner of the property does not need to be present at the time of the crime.

Theft, or larceny, is the act of actually stealing property and removing it from the premises. Sometimes, individuals will be charged with both theft and burglary. This could add to their penalties if they are convicted of both crimes.

Approach the court with confidence when you have a Fort Worth theft crimes attorney on your side. Call Cole Paschall Law today at (817) 934-6644.

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  • One-on-One Representation

    Committed to getting to know you and your needs.

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    Our firm is a one-stop shop for criminal defense.

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    Personalized legal care is guaranteed with us.

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    We are dedicated to representing Tarrant County.

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