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White Collar Criminal Defense Attorneys in Fort Worth

Defending High-Stakes Financial Crimes

White collar crimes are non-violent, but still hold the potential for large penalties. If you find yourself facing charges, get help right away. Misrepresentation, blame shifting, and misunderstanding can lead to unjust white collar crime accusations. Cole Paschall Law provides open communication, experienced defense, and knowledgeable counsel for those facing serious charges.

Call (817) 934-6644 and talk with our Fort Worth white collar criminal defense attorneys to learn more about your rights and legal options.

What Is a White Collar Crime?

White collar crimes include deceitful business practices or crimes used to obtain financial gain such as fraud, embezzlement, racketeering, bribery, cybercrime, forgery, and extortion. The prosecution can target individuals or entire businesses.

One common white collar crime is fraud. This broad term encompasses many issues, such as declaring an unwarranted bankruptcy, lying to an insurance company for added benefits, trading securities illegally, stealing another person’s identity, and tampering with another person’s mail.

Accused of Tax Evasion? Call Cole Paschall Law.

Tax evasion is the crime of purposefully altering tax documents to avoid paying a just and fair amount as required by law. Defendants who knowingly deceive the government may face severe penalties.

Some forms of tax evasion include:

  • Illegally transferring property or finances to avoid paying taxes
  • Avoiding tax obligations through lying on tax forms
  • Paying employees under the table to avoid taxes
  • Falsifying documents
  • Claiming exemption for nonexistent dependents
  • Purposefully underreporting income
  • Claiming personal purchases as business deductions
  • Providing a false Social Security number

Tax documents can be complicated and confusing. If you were unintentionally negligent on your forms, you may have a defense. Did you unknowingly provide incorrect information? Did you accidentally write incorrect names or Social Security numbers? Were you unaware of laws preventing certain tax evasions? We can help.

Intent in White Collar Criminal Cases

In most white collar crimes cases, the intent is key. If you did not intend to commit a crime, or were unaware that a particular practice was illegal, we can use this in your defense. Repentant defendants may be able to gain a “not guilty” verdict or settle their case with a plea bargain. Humans make mistakes - don’t let your errors cause penalties that could affect the rest of your life.

Take action now. Call (817) 934-6644 and speak with our Fort Worth criminal defense lawyers.

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